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tata Capital - Tata Capital home loan issues

Tata Capital Home Loan interest was very high collected. They are not following the RBI guidelines and rules. I have taken loan in 1st Jan 2011 that time RBI Repo rate is 6.50% and Tata capital was given me loan at the rate of 9.75%. after that they suddenly increased 11.50% in next 4 months and after that they never reduced. Currently RBI repo rate is 6.25% till they are collecting me interest rate at 11.50% and this is totally illegal as per my knowledge. after 6 year i have checked in 30Lack 25K taken loan and still outstanding is showing 2892117 and my EMI was 30185/- so till the time i paid roughly 19Lack so as per there calculation in principle 132883/- amount paid. This is totally not accepted from myside. Thank you Ramchandra Pujari [email protected] +91 9822539995

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