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Softpayz - Fraud Company named "Softpayz"

Sir, I would like to say that you don't harass me. The outstanding money of Rs. 6588.00 please send me through IMPS. I don't share my ATM Card No. Date of Expire of the Card and also CVV No. If you want to harass me then I have nothing to tell you. I again request you please send my said money which is belong of your custody from 10th August 17 to till now. You told me that you want to card to card payment if I don't agree to give you the ATM No. Expired date of the Card No, but I don't disclosed that which you need I think any one of them ask me and I gave yesterday the Card No. and Expired Date of the Card. I am very worried about that if any thing happen in my bank account which transaction not define. I think its a criminal offence to ask the ATM Card No. Date of Expired of the Card No. Yesterday who called me I have all details of them. Emotionally I gave him the last 6 digit Card No. and the date of expired date. You are requested to refund the money as early as possible. I don't used any slang language like you. Tell me one thing if you are very honest people so why do you hide yourself. Why do you not given your name and also your address of the Company named "Softpayz". This is very unfortunate for all the people who want to join with you and make a Retailer and Distributor. I think you can't give your address properly. So, I therefore request you please send me and I had already given my Bank details to you but till now you play with me to refund the money. Many times you taken a new policy but till you not credited my money in my account. Thanks with regards Sanjib Kumar Dey

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