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Just in time - Not paid salary &incentive

Hi my name is Hiren Joshi was working with Just in time leading chain of global watch showroom at Ahmadabad as an corporate manager and store manager they have promise me to pay incentive for the sale which will be done by me in corporate I have given them a business of RS 30 lack in eight months when time came to pay my incentive they are not responding to my call and message even they have sack me from my job without giving any notice to me. Even they don't pay any employees salary by cheque they remove there staff without notice period on there 33 showroom .

1 Feb 26, 2017 10:07 AM Job and Career

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Waitting for justice. Many days passed away my complaint is not in action. I am getting calls from the person that they will finish my carrier and all dirty languages . Like u don't know me, ask about me in market. I will not leave u. Is there any law over here online or I am just wasting my time putting complaints over here. Judges officers kindly help.

May 15, 2017 06:07 AM