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user_icon Career Blaze Indi - Hoodwinking and forcing job seekers to pay through false promises

Dear consumer Forum , (a) Today i received a call from Mr George mathew mobile number 9953406710 [email protected] of They offered me interview calls on behalf of as the clients of for the following :- (i) Jhonson and Jhonson , DUBAI for the VP position in senior management (ii) Land Rovers , New Delhi for the appointment of Senior management CyberSecurity (c) They asked for the refund security payment of just Rs 2119/- on account ofCAREER BLAZE INDIA without any more further hidden charges. The total money paidis 2500.42/- (including GST by gateway AK INFOTECH on 14 OCT 17 at 1343 hrs)(d) Thereby, once the payment was made they transferred the call to HR departmentMR pankaj Sharma for the verifications and further, for additional charges of Rs 8000/-for various third party verifications, which i refused and asked for the mail on the moneydebited for the membership and the form filled and the calls for the interviews beenoffered and its respective details to prepare for interview.(e) After few hours of no mail been received at my inbox, i called up Mr georgemathews on the same number, where he said Sir i am sorry to say you have lost yourpaid form money of Rs 2500.42/- (including GST by AK INFOTECH on 14 OCT 17 at1343 hrs) as u didnt choose to oprt for additional charges of 8000/- and thereby nosecurity refund. I further deliberated that you ( are from the and I have alreadygot myself verified as a member from that very portal and can’t pay more on any otherportals and also I desire to kindly provide the interview as discussed without any morehidden charges.I have been subjected to fraud and money fleasing without the proper understandinggiven to me by the company. On querying the company, the company is not resolvingthe query and is further blaming on to their executives and internally blaming eachother. Eventually, neither giving an interview opportunity nor refunding the money andfurther, requesting the undersigned to forcefully convince on paying further 8000/- whichwas not told during the start time of their executives repeated calls.The company is thereby hoodwinking the innocent job seekers and also puttingpsychological pressures on them to make the job seekers a victim of circumstances. i am disgusted and sad to state that some people are working and playing on thesentiments and therby in the end ststing that sir “ you are not aware hoe the recruitingagencies work and if you don’t ay further, your money is sunk …without any furtherrefuns….” I am in deep shock that how to deal with such people who telling lies andfleasing the money from the job seekers like us .I have his recordings and his employeeidentification.

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