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img, (Global Exports) - Order number- 400001660. not deliver and not refunded the money

This is an absolute fake and rubbish site. Please dont ever try to order in this site. I have placed an order for a bunch of flowers and a cake. Before placing the order I have made a confirmation from their staff that it will be delevered on 07th of oct 2017. Then i placed the order. After placing the order there was no delivery and also i tried to call them and no response. Then Today 08th oct i called and a guy called Amit ( he is such a bastard) Sorry for using such language because he was talking to me like that) is telling me that the customers mobile number was not reachable and they couldn't deliver it. I had given the correct address and also the flat is in prime location and its in Kottayam town itself. He is telling its our mistake and he cant refund the money and talking rubbish. He even told me that he is doing a favor of talking to me now. So please don't try to order in this so called site. Its 100% fraud. I believe the company name is Global exporters.

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