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My name is Rahul Kumar, the advertisement came from Facebook on behalf of [Courtesy of], which was useful and I ordered online, whose verification code was given by SMS and I had ordered cash on delivery but when this product came and I received after that, I noticed that the product was given [25000 mah Samsung Power Bank, 64GB Kingston Pendrive, Ear Phone (Damage and unordered) and 64 Duplicate Samsung Memory Card] and my ordered [25000 mah Power Bank, 128 when Samsung Memory Card and 64 GB HP Pendrive] were is big difference in both the products, which I am submitting as proof. And I request that the product be changed or refunded. I am also giving this complain to Government of India & consumer court. In order to avoid such a recurrence of anyone in the future, I request to government to take a quick action. Government also well known about such kind of activity in the online Shopping service. So, I hope regarding this complain company will take quick action within a week otherwise I will take a help of FIR as per “Consumer Protection Act,1986” for the respective company.

0 Sep 20, 2017 12:33 AM Internet Services

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