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Club Mahindra - fraud with us

Dear Sir, we have taking a 4(Four) membership on 24th march at that time they are offering membership with benefits. 1)30, 000.00 cash back after 3rd EMI 2)after 3rd emi first you go for holidays after you Deside for continue. Mr. Perminder singh was committed all the offer and they told us offer was only today before end of the day that's why we have pay at 10.30 to 11.00 pm that day and mr. perminder singh also committed for booking they told a you just sent me a mail for booking i have done everything but after booking mail they are not replying and they are not pickup our phone, after 3rd Emi we realize 30, 000 cash back fake commitment after that we complaint to member relation they are also agree and they told us we have registered FRI against perminder singh and we have refund to 30, 000.00 in your account but still no any payment in our account. after 3rd emi we send a mail to company for hold our 4th emi but they are deduct my 4th Emi they are too much fraud with us we are very tired from company we want our all payment refund from company we have all the proof in writing and call recording. please help us as soon as possible nirav malaviya my contact no. 85111 45045 our cliant id .2753439, 2752457, 2753447, 2752460

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