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bank of england transfer department - prize winning amount did not disburse

On Monday, 10 April 2017 7:36 AM, Kaveri Venkat wrote: DEAR SIR, FATE FATE MY EMAIL02.04.2017 On Monday, 10 April 2017 7:33 AM, Kaveri Venkat wrote: On Monday, 3 April 2017 7:29 AM, Kaveri Venkat wrote: On Sunday, 2 April 2017 4:33 PM, Kaveri Venkat wrote: On Sunday, 2 April 2017 3:07 AM, BANK OF ENGLAND wrote: FROM THE DESK OF CENTRAL BANK OF UNITED KINGDOM FOREIGN SECRETARY OUTLINE THE GOVERNMENT VISION FOR UK FOREIGN POLICY. Bank of England Threadneedle Street London, EC2R 8AH Call transfer department Tel Phone:Phone Tel +447024037687 Tel Phone +447010032765 Welcome To Bank of England Office London. Batch Number: 573661545-UK/2017 Ref.Number: BOE 14-M-246-05 Payment Transfer File:/id1045/16. Payment amount: ($2,500,000.00USD) TWO MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS. BANK OF ENGLAND OFFICIAL PAYMENT NOTIFICATION. Dear Winner. The Foreign Exchange Transfer Department Bank of England (BOE)has decided to bring to your attention, that you were listed as a beneficiary in the recent schedule for payment of outstanding debts incurred by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT Pending since year 2016 to 2017 According to your file record with your email address, Your payment is categorized as: Contract type: Lottery unpaid contract funds/ Undelivered Lottery fund/ Recently on the 5th of January, 2017. The Bank of England (BOE) Governor, DR MARK CARNEY and Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the Bank of England meet with the Senate Tax Committee on Finance BOE London, England, United Kingdom. Regarding unclaimed funds which have been due for a long run, which have make owners to be confused that’s they have been Defrauded by fraudster, at end of the meeting (BOE) Governor, Dr Mark Carney mandate all unclaimed funds to be release to the beneficiary stating that it is an unfair practice to withhold funds for government basket for one reason or the other for tax accumulations. Therefore, we are writing this email to inform you that ($2,500,000.00USD) will be release to you in your name, as it was committed for (BOE) Governor that Beneficiary will have to pay Fund Release Order Fee Charges ($150USD) only. To credit your account immediately after making the payment you will have to send your Pan card, payment receipt and one picture of your passport size for file record, This is according to law assigned and the security covering your fund from the source The assigned transfer department don’t have any right to DEDUCT from your fund because it’s made to reach your account in complete Value. We decline for 3 working days after date of receiving this mail. Also reconfirm your details- for crediting. Please you are advised to fill the form below and send it immediately to our transfer department for verification through email below for prompt collection Contact. Manager Name Joseph Pounch in charges of foreign exchange Transfer department Contact E-mail:[email protected] Fill the Form Below and RETURN BACK IMMEDIATELY FOR YOUR PAYMENT: 1.Full Names:K.VENKATACHALAM 2.Residential Address:MEYYAMMAI ILLAM. 19, PAVENTHAR SALAI ANNA NAGAR, KARAIKUDI 639002 TAMIL NADU INDIA 3.MOBILE NUMBER:9442041561 4.Occupation:RETIRED ICICI BANK 5.Sex:MALE 6.Age:65 7.Nationality:INDIAN 8.Name of your State:TAMIL NADU 9.Country:INDIA 10.Marital Status:ARRIEDM 11.E-mail id:[email protected] 12.Bank Name:equitas small finance bank 13.Account Number:100000056681 14.Account Holders Name:k.venkatachalam 15.Bank Branch:karaikudi 16.Bank Address: 17.Ifsc Code:no13-3 green road, karaikudi 18.Swift Code:ESFB0001086 19.Next Of Kin DAUGHTER 20.Mother Name:VISALAKSHI 21.Father Name:VENKATACHALAM 22.Winning Amount:$2,500,000.00USD) 23.Sacn Copy Of Your Id Proof: Passport Pohto & Id Proof 8 Attachments View all Download all TC 117.jpg TC 118.jpg TC 119.jpg TC 120.jpg TC 121.jpg TC 122.jpg TC 116.jpg TC 123.jpg 24.Working Office Address:RETIRED FROM ICICI BANK NOTE: Fund release Order charges ($150USD) cannot be paid directly to Bank of England, due to the fact that we do not Bank Publicly others Bank will be assigned to receive Payment from you. BANK OF ENGLAND (BOE). CONTACT TRANSFER DEPARTMENT EMAIL:[email protected] Claim Your ($2,500,000.00USD). NOTE: If you are not the rightful owner of this E-mail Address Please don't reply to this message, for any double claim will lead to Disqualification of this Fund. Be Warned!!! You are to keep all information away from the general public for security reason DR MARK CARNEY. GOVERNOR. BANK OF ENGLAND Accept my hearty congratulations once again! Yours faithfully, Dr Mark Carney. BANK OF ENGLAND Reply Reply to All Forward More

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