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Zoom Cars - Unexplainable Extra Charges levied and Manipulative reasons for backing the same

Booking ID JPS6V2E5V. Date is 8th December, 2016. 1. Company gave us a car which already had clutch issue, which they accept. 2. They have charged extra money for so-called damages which they are not sure of, when questioned twice (even, multiple times). 3. They claim that we drove vehicle(4 wheeler car) even after the damage was sensed enroute, whereas, we were told by Zoomcar executive on phone to park the vehicle somewhere safe (which we did sincerely). 4. We (8 people) were told to adjust in the rescue car that Zoomcar sent us after 4 hours. After waiting they sent another car with driver, who refused to accommodate us(because we were 8, not 7). Another phase of consistent communication over the phone to convince the driver and other authorities to accommodate us because we were short of time. 5. After convincing every authority, we had to pay charges for one-extra person(i.e. 8th person) which has not been reimbursed yet. We have shown every receipt and screenshots of all the ride details, but still they are not in negotiating terms.

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