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user_icon - arranged Sri Lanka conducted tour for Rs.84,000/- for 5 days and 4 nights from 20th to 24th Dec 2016.

Myself and my Son had booked the conducted trip to Sri Lanka on 13th Dec 2016 for 5 days trip for Rs.84000/- via Chennai . On 20th the plane from Bangalore to Chennai flight supposed to take off at 6.20 Am got delated for more than 4.30 hrs due to dense fog at the Bangalore Air port. We intimated the travel agent about the delay and indicated that we may miss connecting flight from Chennai to Sri Lanka. They asked us buy fresh ticket at Chennai airport. As time was very close we could not get next flight on the same day. We bought the ticket for next day and carried the journey. There by we lost one day tour programme. Our return tickets from Sri Lanka to Chennai was also cancelled and we have to buy the return tickets also. There by, we paid to and fro Air tickets from Chennai to Sri Lanka and back also we lost one day tour at Sri Lanka. Apart from this, due to non cooperation by the travel Agent, we had suffered lot of tension, anxiety and hardship. In spite of all this the has refused to pay the cost though no fault of ours. Pl arrange to get the cost of Rs.28,000 towards flight cost and one day trip at pro-rata basis.

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