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Wizi Marketing - Seniors force the juniors to work during lunch time

Its one month only I am doing job in Wizi Logic Pvt. Ltd. (Wizi Marketing) company. I shocked when I see seniors forcing their juniors to work during lunch time. I have never seen such a terrific company.

1 Apr 26, 2017 06:43 AM Internet Services

To Whomsoever It may concern Please stop posting these comments. This is defamation and we take this on a serious note. Stop posting such comments around. Imposing as somebody else is a serious offense, please know that. Ms. Apala (the real one) is one of the senior most person at Wizi. She not only loves Wizi but also treats Wizi team and Wizi as her family. Stop posting these reviews under fake name and imposing other. At wizi, we treat everyone with UTMOST respect and treat them as a part of friends and family. We believe in creating an intellectual harmony among our employees. Our legal team will be taking action against all of you. You can hide behind the fake name over internet but your IP can't. So one last option, take these reviews down within 24 Hrs or be prepared to hear from our lawyers. Thanks Wizi Marketing

Apr 26, 2017 01:02 PM

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