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Wizi Marketing - Resigned from Wizi Marketing because of their fraud work

Last year I had resigned from Wizi Marketing because of their fraud work. They give false commitment to the client for ORM service. After getting money, they do nothing and post more negative reviews and again start to ask to give more money otherwise they threaten them that they will not work on project.

1 Apr 26, 2017 04:20 AM Internet Services

Dear Chanda, First of all why are you posting all these fake comments around? What wrong did we do to you? Treated you with the UTMOST respect and in return you are giving us such reputation. Shame on you. Secondly, as far as our work is concerned, our team is highly dedicated and skilled. Our work speaks volume. Till date, we do not have any single client who are unsatisfied. Chanda, IF YOU DO NOT DELETE THESE FALSE ALLEGATIONS WITHIN NEXT 24 HRS, then definately we (You and Wizi Marketing legal team) will see each other at court. We are already gearing up and our lawyers will soon contact you. We take these allegations seriously and we will take legal action againts you. Please save some hassle for yourself and save our time too. Thanks Wizi Marketing

Apr 26, 2017 12:56 PM

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