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WBSEDCL - Abnormal bill without meter reading

Hello Sir/Madam This is Priyanka Mazumder and we are under Muragacha Electricity office(WBSEDCL Consumer no: 152007515).We are recently shifted to that new electricity office since then we are suffering from a severe issues like meter reader is unable to read it properly and no bill has been received from our side.After long application and request they have given us an average bill to pay which was huge .But we have submitted the bill and apply for a new meter .After some time they have given us the meter but again same problem arrived, again no bill .We have keep one application for the same and was in touch with the officers for getting our bill. But suddenly on 31st December 2016 they send officers to disconnect our connection and they did it .But we haven't received any bill and notice for the same .They have prepare an average and huge bill like 19725 Rs and some of officers disagreed with the task and the bill .So they are assuring us for a new bill . So my point is this acceptable for us? We are ready to pay our bill and doing each and every kind of cooperation with them,but what happen is last 2days we are with load shading and in a dilemma for upcoming future. I would like to say previously we were receiving bill like maximum 2700 Rs in 3 months but after this meter reading issue bill is like minimum 8000Rs for 3Months and now as per WBSEDCL Application information it's 19725 Rs for 3 months ,We haven't included any new electronic device recently , Please someone help and guide me and my family how to solve this issue . Priyanka Mazumder Address:Sodepure ,Ghola,Manickdanga road,Netaji Pally Pincode:700111 WBSEDCL Consumer no: 152007515 Meter No: B2353112 Mobile no: 09831046830

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