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Voler Cars - BLR-W-Grand i10-8-1-66096 - No Service and No Refund

Booked A car over Phone :06-Jan-2017 Paid Money online : 08-Jan-2017 Booking Details : BLR-W-Grand i10-8-1-66096 Pain history : 09-Jan-2017 7:30 Checked a mail from Abhijeet to upload legal documents.done immediately . 09-Jan-2017 8:30 Made Repeated calls to Call center in Delhi from 8.30 AM 011 49744974 Put on Hold for several minutes no proper Reply 09-Jan-2017 9:30 Need to start for a marriage but no proper information about the car delivery from Marthahalli 09-Jan-2017 10:30 My Blood pressure went high due to disappointment Sent a cancellation mail and requested for a full refund since the car has not been delivered / no proper intimation Today is 17-Jan-2017 – there is neither refund nor any communication on cancellation

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