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Vodafone India - Fake Bill is provided by Vodafone -Mobile number 9873561407 /Account Number -139266144

This is to inform Vodafone has presented fake bill to me and asking me to pay 25504 bill. Billing Period:24.07.2017 to 23.08.2018 Relationship Number :139266144 Invoice Number:05IUP08703527557 Iam not able to attached the Bill raised ,if you share your email id will share the same. Before going to Thailand I had activated international roaming package of Rs 149 on 02 Aug 17 as told by customer care executive. I had made two call from there they had charged me Rs 288 without my permission they had charged Rs 1000 as International roaming package where customer care executive has told me international roaming charge is Rs 149 only. .Please ask for recording of the call I made with customer care, they misrepresent the actual rate at call and charged RS 1000 . They are showing Mobile data usage during my trip to Thailand from 03 Aug 17 to 13 Aug 17 whereas my mobile data is off, wherever they had seen my phone is in network they charge mobile data is in use, which is really illegal,please see the screen shot attached for your reference. Mobile Screen Shot can`t be changed or cooked up.I had used "O" Byte in whole month. They had charged Value added services of Rs 569 whereas no one has instructed to activate value added services . Vodafone a Big Giant running Scam and harassing customer.When I kept my mobile data off how come they are charging amazing to believe.They are not answering me after seeing screen shot attachment of O usage. I got to know from couple of international traveler that whosover not take International package of Rs 5000 they use to charge the bill like that,they have a recovery team who will post your detail to CIBIL and whenever you will apply for loan thirdparty agency will do settlement and take RS 5000- 20000 and settled the dues a big Scam they are running and harassing the customer care. Please provide me justice , I am ready to pay actual bill my monthly rental+Rs 288 for international call+Rs 149 international roaming charges told by customer care executive. Regards Ipshita

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