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Vodafone India - Being charged wrongly for a add on pack for past 6 months

I was using Vodafone network for more than a Year. But since last august they Started billing me 250 rs extra every month for a red on booster 1GB internet pack which i never activated. Every month i used to request the customer care to deactivate the add on pack and they used to assure me they have deactivated the pack. But in every bill i was charged 250 rs extra. Moreover the vodafone representatives used to give false information just to rip me off my money every month. I have made complaints for it numerous time but no result came out on the other hand they used to harrass me by saying we will barr your services and stuff. I urge you to kindly take strict actions against the fraudulent vodafone service provider.

0 Dec 30, 2016 06:38 PM Telecommunications

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