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[Resolved] Vodafone store - WORST EXPERIENCE WITH VODAFONE

This is regarding WORST EXPERIENCE I AM FACING CURRENTLY!!!! PLEASE READ BELOW!! I am a corporate customer of Vodafone I want to convert my postpaid number (9823785606) into prepaid. For this I went to Vodafone store kharadi on 02-Sep-2017. Mr. Yashwant in store advised me to visit at viman nagar store. He said to convert from post to pre only manager has authority only he has ID and password for this and we do not have so we cannot help. I called customer care and they gave me below address on same day : shop no 5, 6, Gera Complex Viman Nagar Nr Ganpati Chowk Viman Ngr Pune Pune 411014 On 5 September I went to above address and got to know that store in above address does not exist. 2 points to be noted : 1. The customer executive who sent address through SMS sent wrong address on 2 sept.(I have proof) 2. Mr. Yashwant in kharadi store gave me wrong info to goto viman nagar. When I came back to kharadi store after a lot struggle in viman nagar then Mr Yashwant said that HE DID NOT ADVISED ME TO GO VIMAN NAGAR. HE LIED. And he told that manager is not here so you have to wait till next monday to get Post to pre. I filed complain in VODAFONE customer care for this and they said that you will get resolution in 24 hrs but till now nothing has happend. Moreover they told me that please pay your latest bill and goto kharadi store then they will start your Post to pre process. I done the same and went there but Mr. YASHWANT THERE TOLD ME TO PAY BILL TILL 11 SEPTEMBER IN ADVANCE. THEN THEY WILL PROCESS THE REQUEST. Vodafone is very reputed company and I respect it. But experience like this is somehow put a big doubt in mind for this Company. Customer care executives always tells that in any store post to pre can be done but in store now they are saying that yiu have to goto kalyani nagar for this. Pls help regarding this.

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