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Varun Global Ltd - Non payment of wages approx ₹ 10,00,000/-

I have joined AHTS Sudaksha (of Varun Shipping Company Ltd now new name Varun Global Ltd, Laxmi building,6, Shoorji Vallabhdas Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai – 400001) on 18/07/2013 at Rio De Janeiro and signed off on 07/05/2014 from same place. They paid me up to Nov. 2013 and after sign off I have requested too much to Mr. Anant Tiwari DGM (Finance) and with the help of MUI, I got December 2013 month salary on 08 May 2015 after approximate one year. Still I am requesting them continueous but now there is no positive response from them. Now, DGM (Finace) has also changed. I have requested to new DGM (Finance) Mrs Suzan Machado that please pay the remaining balance in installments. May be she talked to top management and owner of Varun shipping company and Varun Global Ltd, Mr. Yudisthir Khatau but there is no positive response. I personally sent a mail to Mr. Yudisthir Khatau but he is not replying to mail also. Now approximate more than ₹ 10,00,000/- still there with Varun Shipping Company, new name Varun Global Ltd. My details with varun company is as follows: Manjeet Singh, Third Officer, Employee No. : 2995 Varun Shipping Company Ltd., new name Varun Global Ltd.

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