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VISHAL MEGA MART AMRITSAR - Malafide trade practice

I purchased my monthly grossery items from dealer vide bill no 027/1060000026047 dated 08.02.2017. After paying the bill ,I checked all the items I found out that item no 8 of bill Dhoop & agarbatti costing for Rs 75 was charged to my bill. I have neither purchased this item nor did I took delivery of this item . I immediately contacted the cash counter and appraised him with the issue .The attending cashier sent me to store manager and store manager categorically refused to hear me .The attitude of store manager was abusive ,sarcastic and total unwelcoming.After trying to convince them I waited for almost one hour but neither my bill was corrected nor did my money was returned to me .After 08.02.2017, I again visited Vishal Mega Mart twice but the attitude of store Manager remained callous and rude .I agree that the amount of the item was very small but the sense of being cheated has forced me to knock at the door of this Hon'ble court .

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