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UNISERVED pvt ltd - Fraudulent activity.

UNISERVED pvt. Ltd Company and employee seemed to be Cheating and did trick with us as there were 5 instruments went missing at both sites with all their tactics played on my people as well on me. # Harassment and mental Damage To small scale businesses # Any one who is responsible should Check their reality of wok On 26th Mr.Kshitij b. Potdar from universe have generated information about my business in Ahmedabad from Just Dial and took confirmation of ATM site viring and electrical work in just about 25 minutes at late evening on Monday 26th, were not given time before we start the work and giving us deadline for work along with MoU to work on site with Fix amount he said ₹4000 Each site, starting work on 27th Tuesday Morning with investment of ₹6700 on everything with petrol allowance to food everything, has Costed me ₹6700/-. we perfectly fitted instruments as per Map provided and sites were kept Live by CMS then eventually Mr. Mahendra from Universed started shifting instruments 4 times to be cristal clear they made us change the locations of instruments which were fitted and shifted 4 different locations inside outside ATM at both sites after the site was given live, on 5th day Saturday Mr.Kshitij from uniserved asked me to put reporting photos which was done already but he was Bushing around the report and harassment was done on mental level, in Wednesday 29th Mr.Khitij also gave me 2 more sites information and address to work on and we only were capable to finish 2 sites by Friday 30th which was live by CMS, on Monday 2nd January I personally visited both sites because Mr. Kshitij told me that sites are not live and there is some pending small work as per Mr.kshitij and said it will take only hour or so which took 1am midnight, later on 3rd January Tuesday we clearly mentioned this work can't be done because of harassment is done to employees who is working for my company since a year and more I personally feel sorry for all your working people with no common Sense, when it comes to third party registration for doing your security updates under MOU is it not necessary for you to give proper Knowledge and directions ? I gave up these Cheaters work and on 10th today they payed me ₹3650/- for what I spent ₹6700/- Making such loss isn't big issue, I donated more than this but my concern here is I wasn't properly acknowledged neither my employees and faces such harassment is there any one who would take a responsibility to know what went wrong with these sites. Site addresses we worked # HDFC Bank ATM LIVE By CMS 25, Mnhar Villa, Nikol Naroda Rd, Ahmedabad 382330 # HDFC Bank ATM LIVE By CMS 1389/195/3 Bansi Chawl, Ashok Mill, Naroda Rd, Ahmedabad 380025 2 more sites which was in disputed with locals there in bharuch by UNISERVED was allocated to me which we denied working with. # 64, Kimavati Complex nr railway station, olpad kim Kosamba Bharuch (E) 39411 # Hotel Nyay Mandir, nr Narmada Circle, N.H.No. 80, Zadeshwar, Bharuch Gujarat.

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