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UCO BANK - compliant against branch Manager

I m a customer of uco Bank. but Madam (Branch Manager) was not co-operate with me properly. As a manager she has missuse her power i think. i was taken home loan from Uco bank.after the first disbursed i have complete my work as per schedule, when i come to 2nd disbursed then i saw previous branch manager was changed. naturally i have submit my bill to madam( BM),for 2nd disburse. she was said to me that she can't give me the 2nd disburse before 3 month. i m really shocked cause of 1st disbursed to 2nd disburse time has so long. My worker payment has already due, i can't work any more. i was requested to her mam plz visit my site after that u will pay. But she can't co-operate with me. And she was said to me that i will Failure to repayment the loan. how can she judgement me that i can't repay the loan. after all i was taken only 1st disburse. emi was not started... but she has declare i am a BAD customer. after that i was going to branch 2nd-3rd time also. But she can't co-operate with me. so i have gone a big looser, cause of my raw materiel has to be damage. My worker has shouting on me for payment. who will pay my losses? is there any body said to me that disbursement has to pay on time?

0 Jan 12, 2017 06:20 PM Business and Finances

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