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Turkish Airline - Steeling the taxes charged on unused air tickets

I purchased two return tickets from Turkish Airline Traveling from Houston to Delhi on 4th August 2016 and returning to Boston on 4th November 2016. The total cost of the ticket was Rs. 109300/- that consisted of Rs. 32200/- as base fare and Rs. 77100/- as taxes on different heads. We could not travel back on the scheduled date because of the death of my elder brother and requested the airline to allow me to change the dates of return flight to 3rd February 2017. It was nice gesture on the part of the Turkish Airline to wave the change fee but the fare difference was applicable. The difference of fare offered by the airline was Rs. 108620 through the mail on 21st December 2016 that was only Rs. 680/- less than the two way fare for both of us. I explained the airline that the one way ticket for the same date is about Rs. 78000/- for both of us. Thus again the airline offered me Rs. 108928/- as difference of fare. It indirectly denying me to use the old ticket. Moreover the new ticket also includes the taxes that is approximately Rs 38550/- and the same has been paid in the return ticket. Looking at the various options I requested the airline to refund me the taxes of unused portion of our flight. The airline offered approximately Rs. 8000/- on both the tickets as compared to Rs. 38550/- charged to us for the return fare. The taxes are being paid to the Government only if the passenger is traveling and Rs. 30550 would be stolen by the Airline. I request you to please look into this case and press upon the Turkish Airline either to reissue the return ticket by charging nominal fare difference in the base fare only or refund the taxes amounting to Rs. 38550/- being charged to us while purchasing the ticket for the Delhi to Boston sector of flight. A prompt action would help me to buy the air ticket for 3rd February 2017.

2 Jan 10, 2017 06:40 AM Airlines

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I got a mail from Turkish airline on 15th January 2017 that the tax refund amount for the unused ticket would be INR 18419 and again confirmed in the mail on 16th January 2017 that it would be for each passenger. I was satisfied with this amount and requested my agent to claim the refund from the airline. Surprisingly I got another mail on 20th January apologizing their mistake in calculations and it would be INR 4139. There is a huge difference in the calculations and I declined to accept this refund. I fail to understand how the taxes charged would vary for one side ticket and two side ticket.

Jan 20, 2017 12:00 AM

I got the clarification from the airline that the fuel surcharge on the unused portion of the ticket is not refundable. I also wanted to know that when I am not using the flight how can you charge me the fuel surcharge.

Jan 27, 2017 12:00 AM