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Tripleplay Interactive Network Pvt. Ltd. - unused data not provided by company

My triple play user ID: vb803 . I am mailing you regarding the fraud happening in divine meadows, sector 108. Our society has faced sudden data exostion on 20th evening. We asked for restoring the data but they are awarding 10gb to each user that to whom so ever is asking for. I agree that there are people who do not care for small amount but here the question is of fraud happening by intention or by fault in your system. I spoke to Mr Praveen who claims to be whole sole of your Gurgaon office. He agrees to provide 15 GB. But I also request you to extend the validity period by one day ( original period was from 03/01/2017 - 02/02/2017) as the connection was disconnected on 21st whole day and also I am aware that my 34GB were unused just before getting my connection inactive so I request you to restore the data back as well. Second complain: The Noida customer case executive Mr. Pavan Tiwari do not pick the phone and also disconnects phone and is not capable of resolving the issues. Note that I have called many times to him yesterday(21st Jan) but no solution provided even after promissing that the data will be restored after one hour or so. I asked Mr Praveen for your hire authorities email but he said that Chairman is out of india and will check mails sent on [email protected] and has not provided any other professional ID of his hire authorities. I am not satisfied with the resolutions so I request your higher authorities to speak to me if possible. Third Complain: Kindly verify. Sessions in your system are wrong and duplicate.

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