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Togofogo - No Refund Policy

I purchased a phone any one touch phone mobile for 1717 and i have received the phone BluTel BT1000 and the phone is not switching on also the mobile phone is not worth of 500Rs as well. I have checked online and BluTel BT1000 has many problems and no one is selling it and how can Togofogo provide this kind of mobiles to customer which is not good. I called up customer care and complained regarding this and they told that they cannot refund as they don't have refund policy. How can a company doesn't have refund policy for Electronics item. They are just taking money from the customer and playing around. I request you to please take action against them so that customers are not cheated by providing these kind of below average phone.

0 Sep 14, 2017 01:19 PM Electronics and ...

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