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The Coca Cola Company India - Whitish orangish substance observed on Fanta can cover.

Hi, At about 4PM IST today, we opened Fanta can to enjoy along with our late lunch. After a 2 hours we have noticed that an orangish whitish substance has subsided on the the can cover opening. The liquidish substance has separated and the orangish and whitish colour substance has stuck outside just near the mouth of the can opening.Sedimentation and solid deposits like precipitated thing. We have checked the manufacturing date (29/09/2016)and expiry date says to be eight months from manufacturing date. I have the invoice/bill for the same as well. This is really petrifying and scary. We have raised this concern immediately as soon we have observed this. We are extremely concerned and paranoid about what we have consumed trusting the brand. I have saved the can for proof purposes with me. I trust to hear back from you ASAP! Reach out to me on +91 9820391497. Please accept the above as a formal complaint and action this on priority. Thank you. Regards, Radhika

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