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The Aananda Imperial - Worst Service, Staff Misbehaviour, Tasteless Food, No Co-operation !

I had been to this Hotel Aananda Imperial at Bilaspur Chhattisgarh to attend a marriage function who had booked the complete hotel and all of its facilities at a very high price. Although every service was paid up but service and facilities were not provided completely. The lifts were not working normally but sometimes it was like up and down roller coaster and the get stuck in between with no help nothing. When complained to the staff in charge he misbehaved and said not our fault. Then whose fault it is ? when advised you should at least apologize and try to get things fixed instead he started quarreling very badly. Next morning no hot waters in bathrooms, when inquired the counter says its already coming in bathrooms, we said accompany with us and please show any 1 bathroom of your choice where hot water is running, same thing happened again started quarreling and does not want to admit the mistake. The food for the complete 2 day rituals was tasteless. No person from the administrative body or anyone wanted to resolve the issues and no one even bothered to apologize for the complete 2 days functions that had to be done. We were stuck with so many guests and all payments done in advance, could not go anywhere so had to face everything.

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