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Tata Docomo - Continuous Harrassment for account which is not subscribed by me

It has been 3. Years since nice I am requesting the Tata docomo to remember my number from a smy bsctiber account which is held by Abhay Ranjan of [email protected] with subscribe number 9266163081.This person who is director of this company seems to be lost since 3 years. Even confirming his office and Tata docomo about the issiue I still get 2-5 calls everyday as he never makes the payment on time. These calls unnecessarily add to stress when I am travelling to west and have to pick up calls to remain updated. Docomo ensures after every call that number will removed but it people like Abhay Rahman who are defaulters, crooks , frauds and irresponsible citizens who can tend to do all sort of crimes. Pathetic company docomo that they are bothering a person who does not own/ operate/ finance this number.

0 Dec 12, 2016 01:27 PM Unsolicited Phone Calls

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