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Tata AIA Life Insurance Co Ltd - Surrendering my Policy

I want to surrender my Tata AIA Life Insurance Policy bearing No C137119424. The company is asking me to come in person to one of its branches and surrender the policy. The Branch at which they are asking me to surrender is about 5 hours journey from here and it involves lot of time, expense and efforts. I do not want to go to any branch but surrender through Courier or Post. I have been corresponding with regards to this since a long time for no avail. I have been put to lot of hardship since it is taking lot of time for getting the refund. Even I have been misled while taking the Policy. I had told them in clear terms that I want the amount back in 3 to 5 years and would not continue. They misled me saying that I can get the amount back without any loss. But now where as I have invested Rs.90,000/- I am told that I would be getting about Rs. 48,000/- or so. What a great loss after investing for FIVE years

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