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TVS Scooty - Complain un attended by Triton Motors & Prakruti TVS

Hi, This is with regards to TVS Jupiter vehicle. I purchased TVS Jupiter on 11th Nov 2015 in Triton Motors located in Hebbal A week later the vehicle had problem of some noise in engine and Triton motors took three full days and the complaint was un attended Later I was directed to Prakruti TVS Ganganagar but no solution provided, every time I complain on noise in engine the answer is "issue sorted" but problem still exist. Twice Prakruti TVS took my scooter one for 4 days and 7 Days to just get the scooter repair and best part is the complaint was un attended, problem still exist and I found some scratches on my scooter which clearly shows the vehicle just utilized for personal use and people do not have job knowledge or making customer fool by keeping the vehicle for one week It’s more than one year I have been running around keeping this scooter with me and no solution is provided till date. Every time I notice TVS service centres both Triton and Prakruti take minimum of 3 to 7 days just to understand the problem. The service centres are just taking things for granted they are least bother to repair the vehicle, they just keep the vehicle and make use of their personal needs for a sake of attending the query and trouble the customer to the core by keeping the scooter for weeks together that he should not come back again. I need the Vehicle to get repaired/replace and need written answer from Prakruti TVS why did they keep my scooter for 7 days without sorting the issue.

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