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TIMES JOBS - Service charge

Hi, My name is Sachin Tripathi. I have registered with timesjob. I have got a call that I have to pay resumeselling fee and then I will receive job offer better than unpaid services. I have paid for that and after that they confirm that my offer latter is ready just I need to pay for verification fees like education, behaviour etc. At the end they confirm me not share these things on confirmation call otherwise it will be cancelled. I have paid around 20000 now I have not received a single job offer latter or any call any reference from timesjob. Then for what I have paid. When I contacted them they denied to refund money. They only want to make money without providing services I would request if anyone can take action such type of fraud companies. I paid because I believe that times is a big name they will not cheat but I was totally wrong. How could they do this to that person who is trying to get employed even they can't thinking about a person's emotions and hard work to arrange that money. Please help me to get my balance back.

0 Jan 02, 2017 12:58 AM Job and Career

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