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Syska Gadget Secure - Regarding my Personal and device information

On 30th March, I purchased insurance for my new device from Syska gadget at around 2:30am. Initially I followed the procedure of the registration I.e. Purchase the product from their website by providing my personal and device information there. After that when I successfully purchased the item they sent me a coupon code through which I have to register on their mobile app. There also I have to mention same information,which I did the same way. After completing the process when I logged in to my profile and saw there are some fields in which my details are not correct like D.O.B.,Date of purchase and phone model. Also I received a confirmation message onto which the date of purchase and D.O.B was 1/1/0001. Then in the morning same day around 12:30 pm I Called Syska care regarding the issue and what they suggested me to send the details you want to update to the concerned department I.e. Customers support team. And till the date I call them after every 4th day to know the status of my complaint and they only have one answer that they are looking into it. Even i am receiving only the automated reply onto my emails. Please look into this and do the needful.

0 Apr 10, 2017 08:00 AM Business and Finances

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