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Syska Gadget Secure - Calim amount

NAME- balbir singh CIN NO. 1610287666 MOBILE NO. 9417034883 MOBILE- sony xperia m4 aqua dual E2363 DATE OF PURCHASE. 25/112015 INVOICE NO.JT/REATIL/A00357 IMEI NO.352198071200824 CLAIM AGIANST. TOTALL LOST HANDSET SUBMITED DATE. 8/12/16 CLAIM APPROVAL DATE. 13/12/2016 I have taken insurance with syska gadget secure it was my biggest mistake Date of purchase. 28/11/2015 i applied for the claim on 28/10/2016 agianst total lost fluid water damage i have submited my handset to syska gadget secure on 8/12/2016 insurance approvel date 13/12/2016 claim amount aprroved Rs.8950 after all dedections its been more then 1 year or more old but i haven't recieved my claim amount my Cin no. is 1610287666 and the status is showing pending for customer payment inspite of reguler complaints over email and phone calls these people are not doing anything except saying the we will proceed for your payment on highest priority everytime i have to follow up with them and my call is ended by saying your payment will be processed at the earliest this is just a fake company never ever I have lost not only money but also suffer exciating mental tension and tortures for no fault of mine I have attachaed all require documents

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