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Swiggy - Bad food quality and incorrect information on website

Hi, My complaint is against online food service provider-Swiggy. The major issue is Swiggy bein the food service provider is unable to provide quality and reliable food service to the consumers. This is a total waste of the efforts and money for the consumers, poses a great health risk, in addition to hurting the religious beliefs of the consumers. - At one instance I ordered food from Bercos, and I received stale unedible food. - on another instance, I ordered desserts from 'the good food cafe' and the food delivered contained egg, whereas the swiggy website listed it as a vegan product with a green dot. My entire family is orthodox Brahmin and do not eat an egg, because of this event we all feel deeply hurt and cheated. Please note the details of the complaint as below: ISSUE: I wish to highlight on a grave mistake from the swiggy end. This is related to the below-mentioned order of cake. On your website, it clearly indicated with a green dot (see attachment) that it is a vegetarian product. Since when vegetarian products are prepared with egg. I just confirmed with the restaurant and the restaurant confirmed that the below-mentioned product which I ordered contains egg. This clearly shows that their SERVICE is not bothered at all about the products given to consumers. Please be mindful that these are eatables and what about if someone has egg- allergy. It will be very easy for them to play with someone life by offering a health risk. I will say, since Swwiggy website represented and picturized the food product with detail, it is more so their responsibility if each and every information provided by their service partner is correct or not. Swiggy can not just simply neglect it, considering they are in the business of people health and beliefs. Now I am a pure vegan and my family is an orthodox Brahmin. How are they going to deal with this grave error of violating and hurting our religious beliefs? details of order: "Thanks for using Swiggy! Your order from The Good Food Cafe has been delivered. Looking forward to serving you again. Order No: #23384736555 Restaurant: The Good Food Cafe" regards,

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