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SunStar The Club - Not providing services and also not refunding money

In Sep16 I have received call from SunStar Club for dinner invite at Hotel Pride, Ahmedabad. Upon reaching there with family their executives given us presentation, in first go I have not shown interest. Then they started convincing me by making certain statements like we provide booking in 5 star properties in just 2-3 days time. No maintenance charges. In just 1.42 lakh 20 year membership of club will be built in Ahmedabad outskirts in next 2 years and along with that 12 nights stays at 5 star properties at entirely my discretion. I can book any time anywhere, any number of rooms for me, my friends or relatives. I will get booking anywhere in the world using DEA, membership of which is also part of this. They also confirmed that all these discussed terms will be given in writing on 100 Rs agreement, but same will take 15-20 days time. I trusted them and paid entire amount. I have then given my first booking immediately next week by personally visiting their Ahmedabad office. They confirmed that you will get revert in next 2-3 days. Then upon follow up they were saying it will be surely done, don't worry. After a month or so they denied of giving booking. In the meantime I was also following up for written agreement which they given me after a month, then I realized that promises made at time of booking were false, there is no mention of DEA, nothing about club premises and their amenities usage policy. And to my surprise they have mentioned in agreement that 1 room/month will be given which exactly against what has been promised. So finally I have asked them to cancel my membership and refund my money as there is no agreement happened between us and they are not ready to provide services too. But now they refusing that too. They are not reverting to emails, calls. I have made escalations to their vice president Mr. KUMARESAN. But he also didn't respond to any of email. These guys are big frauds, cheaters and looting hard earned money of people. Please don't get trapped. I don't know how come GOVINDA or KAPIL DEV are endorsing this club.

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