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Styleloby - Fraud contest by Styleloby

Styeloby company is cheated me 2,02,380 rs in the name of Swift Dzire contest. They(Aarthi Varma) called me saying that I have been selected as lucky customer for Swift Dzire car contest and asked to pay 20,000 rs for documentation charge . Again next day called saying I amount paid by me is bounced and I need pay 20,000 rs more to become winner otherwise It will cancelled. I paid 20,000 rs by believing them that I will be the winner . After 1 day they called again and said I have been selected as brand ambassador for there company , They told like I will get name and fame . I need to pay 1,30,000 rs . To complete the process , Otherwise all amount previously paid will cancelled. I scared and payed in 2 installments 65,000 and 65,000 rs serately. Again after 2 days called and I application is held at accounts department I need to pay 75,000 rs . This time I didn't agreed with them. They requested many times saying that this is lucky oppurtunity I am missing it . I didn't agreed finally . Finally Aarthi varma emotionally saying like you are like my brother she will arrange other amount just I need to pay 20,000 rs . I believed her and paid 20,000 . Totally 2 lakhs I paid. Intially they told contest will be announced on 31st March , But they didn't noticed any customer .When we called there customer care after soo many times. They are answering like They are postponing the contest. And without any notice to customers They changed contest announcement date to 31st July(previously It is 31st March) . Logically I can we believe this kind of fraud company which is playing with innocent lives. Similarly They cheated many innocents , Still they are doing . They will show you something in website and they will deliver some products to you, which is useless. They delivered 1,30,000 rs diamonds and gold pendent , I checked it in gold shops. Is not even worth of 20,000 rs all fraud. Please help us to refund my money and to reach this message max to all . You can get more comments about this company on Regards, Ashwin 9986867596

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