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Sthenic solution pvt ltd - Cheated money regarding loan

I had applied for loan in sthethic solution for that they demanded login amount ₹3000/and documents after that they told me that your document is sufficient for loan but you have to pay processing fee that is refundable . so I paid ₹14000 after that they sent me documents that I had to sign and they also demanded Solvency Certificate of bank I also gave him on the bank letterhead but they did not accept they told me they need on their form that is not possible for that I had to do fix deposit of amount .Before giving processing they told me there is no other documents required in this way they had not sanctioned the loan and returned my amount only ₹9900/ only. They never give loan and always cheat the people

0 Dec 21, 2016 12:29 PM Business and Finances

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