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State Bank Of India [SBI] - misleading sales and wrong reason given for credit card application rejection

I was approached by Sbi employee for credit card in Big Bazaar.When i asked them criteria they asked me for cibil score . I told them its around 800 . The employee of then told me apply for it and since you cibil score is more than 750 you will get the card . He also said i will get an approval email from Sbi but they need to check my details through Pan card.I shared my details of pan card and he confirmed you will get credit card for sure and he proceeded.I instantly got an email from Sbi for approval with limit mentioned in it however yesterday when i checked my application was decline and they never informed me on email or message .Then i messaged the same person who i met in Big bazaar.He gave me another wrong information its under process then i told him that it has been decline. He asked me to wait for a day.Today when i messaged him he said its decline because my scores are below 750.I instantly got my cibil report which showed my score are above 750 which proves they are saying wrong. I want to highlight for sales they are lieing. Their department decline application on cibil score which is another wrong act. If some misleading person represent banks and few incompete people work for bank then why should my cibil score be impacted They made a false sales and fake commentment. Need to take this up to stop this because so many people will be fooled by this bank. I need this card to be issued or if they decline then there should not be impact on Cibil score for their false and mis leading information

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