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State Bank Of India [SBI] - Unauthorised Deduction of Amount towards Insurance.

Sir, we do have a SB bank A/c no 30712609216 at SBI,gandhinagar Branch(116600),Hyderabad,Telangana State.for last 8-9 years since it opened. SBI started some Insurance scheme may be around 5-6 back.They we joined the scheme that time by paying 100/- but we never got any cetificate of insurance from the bank or from the so called banks Insurance company.Till date we never got any such insurance certificate. we do not know with whom SBI got linked for making Insurance policies. For last 5 years an amount of Rs 200/-is deducted every year but policy certificate or insurance card is provided to customers. On 18/02/2017 also an amount of Rs 200/- is deducted under the caption"PAI renewal". we do not know what it is.On 08/03/2017,we went to the bank and enquired about it.It si informed to us that,it is towards Insurance scheme.we do not know which insurance it is.on our further enquiry we were toldthat,on the death of the bank customer insurance amount can be claimed.But told we are provided wit any insurance certificate or policy holder identity card.They told us to contact the insurance company.we do not know which insurance company it is.But bank is deducting the we told bank is responsible for it.More over with our knowledge,with out our written standing instruction bank is deducting the amount Rs 200/- at their whims and fancies.we never gave any written standing instruction to bank to seduct the amount,just because we maintain a bank account with SBI,gandhingar,it doesn't maen that they can deduct the amount with out knowledge and written permission. We are sick wit it. Therefore we request that,henceforth no more deduction of Amount from our account toiwards this your so called Insurance.We are not interested in this scheme.Please do not deduct any amount from our account anymore towards your Insurance. On 18/02/2017,an amount of Rs 200/- is deducted from our account under the caption'PAI renewal" with out our permission and knowledge.Therefore ,please redeposit back into our SB account.Do not deduct any money from our account in future towards any scheme without our written permission. We are Retired and Senior citizens.we have got our own health insurance need not bother about us.IF bank says it is compulsory for all its customers,and to trust on the customesrs,we do not agree with it,we will be constarined to approach Consumer redressal court and your banks Ambudsman forum. Hope You will take an appropiate quick action and do the Justice to us at the earliest and inform us the action taken. With regards A D Prabhaker rao

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