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State Bank Of India [SBI] - Take necessary action against Corrupted government officer and manager State bank of India Branches (Thaman and dakor)

Respected Sirs, My family have approx 60 akar lands in vallavpura Ta.Thasara and dist. Keheda. This lands was divided four member in my family refer below small pedhinamu. 1) Vaghajibhai patel – Approx lands 15 aker Total – 6 Son (Punambhai, Ashokbhai, Rameshbhai Ravibhai ,Sureshbhai and Thakorbhai) 2) Sanabhai patel - Approx lands 15 aker Total – 5 Son 1 Daughter 3) Dahyabhai Patel- Approx lands 15 aker Total – 2 Son (Kanti bhai patel , persotam bhai patel) 4) Sardaben patel - Approx lands 15 aker No -Varies As per above pedhinamu total 38 name recorded in the legal revenue stamp. After death sardaben its approx 15 akar lands divided in three portions .But some minded man one of the grandson of Dahyabhai Mr. Ranji Patel (Sarpanch) and second of the grandson of vaghajibhai Mr. Vijay Patel has divided two part of his father (Mr. Kantibhai and Punambhai ) with some corrupted government officer . Refer below corruption points have been observed . 1) Without informed by 135 D notice to other member (38 name)which is recorded in revenue stamp. Above lands approxe 15 aker divided two member of 1) Kantibhai Patel son of Dahyabhai Patel by grandson of Rajni Patel and 2) Punambhai Patel son of vaghajibhai Patel by grandson of Vijay Patel with some government officer. 2) State bank of India from Thaman branch and state bank of india Dakor brance has approved crop loan of Kantibhai patel 11 lakh and Punambhai patel 2.5 lakh without any investigation . We have (Ashokbhai and Ravibhai son of vaghjibhai) a return complain in dist. thasara collator on 16/04/2015 with evidence. During investigation period by collector state bank officer (Both Branch) and government officer was present. After investigation collector has given the judgment in favour Ashokbnhai son of vaghjibhai on apirl-2016. But still date there is no change in revenue stamp and not taken any action to government officer and bank officer related person (One of the Kantibhai was death in Nov 2016). Please find the attached complain copy to give the thasara collector, State bank of india (both Branches) and both Mr Kantibhai Patel and Punam bhai Patel I hope you will be instigate proper and take legally action against corruption Please do needful & reply ASAP Ashokbhai V Patel M.No.9998560322

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