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State Bank Of India [SBI] - State Bank of India- loss of interest amount

Sir, I opened an account in the name of my wife after very hardship of 6 months in State Bank Of India( branch code-13409). I never got satisfactory service from the employee of banks ( Name- Sh. Babu Ram). He always misguided to me with respect to submission of documents. On 7/11/2016, I have applied for FD in that bank but he lost my application form. When I went to SBI on 29/12/2016 to obtain FD receipt , they asked me to submit application form again. Now I would like to ask that who is the responsible for loss which was been to me as a interest money on my FD of about 50 days due to irresponsible service of SBI..plz mail me the reply of complaint or action taken on my complaint

0 Dec 29, 2016 02:46 PM Banks

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