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State Bank Of India [SBI] - Cheque lost-reg.

Dear Sir/Madam, My SBI credit card bearing card number 4726-4268-7917-4375was due with amount payable of Rs. 14,645/- with due date12.12.2016. I have paid the amount Rs. 14,645/- with my wife Mrs. Kimneimoi account (A/c No.0000030823370235, ISBT New Delhi)  cheque bearing cheque no.802413 on 06.12.2016 in Delhi SBI Saraswati Vihar Branch(Branch Code-009083), New Delhi drop box Id. 101, time 13.38.44 and receipt no. 40-1594. Till now the cheque has neither been returned nor it has been credited for payment. So please look into the matter or else the payment to be made through my SBI credit card will fallen due by12.12.2016. I would be thankful for this act of kindness. Thanking you With Regards Shri. Lammuanlal Mob. No. 08762300673

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