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State Bank Of India [SBI] - Amount of Rs 2187 not refunded

On 5 December,2016 at 20.50 hrs I made a wallet transaction in paytm,amount Rs 2187 through SBI debit card but the transaction failed.The transaction number was POS PRCH POS 706689 Paytm Mobile Solutions Noida.I made repated complaints to SBI customer helpline no. and at last I wrote a written complaint to the AGM,SBI,Lake Road,Tezpur but till date they had not refunded me the amount of Rs 2187.The section dealing with these issue in the above said branch in Lake Road ,tezpur has not acted in dis matter till date. So I am issuing a complaim against the AGM,Lake Road ,tezpur

0 Dec 19, 2016 01:18 AM Business and Finances

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