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Standard Chartered Bank - Cheated by sundaram and standard chartered bank- reg.

To The Adminstrative Officer, Consumer Court Forum., Sir, I V. Krishna Rao working as a Highway Design Engineer in Bangalore, a customer of STANDARD CHARTERED BANK holding a CREDIT CARD since May 2011 and after getting the card, The Royal Sundaram Representatives introduced them selves as a Allied Company with Standard Chartered Bank (Standard Chartered bank has business tie up with Royal Sundaram , Tata Aig etc) and the Bank representative also given same information while I had contacted with him for a clarification. The Call center representatives engaged by the companies like in the case are providing fraudulent information to the public and trapping them and later threating the customers. In this regard the Royal Sundaram representatives explained the benefits of the Health Insurance Policy and their Business Establishments and finally convinced me to get Number of Health policies from Royal Sundardam Health Insurance Company. At that time the person confirmed that in any case found not interested in the policy will be terminated and cancelled. Upon that I had convinced and opted the Policy as they are the best among other companies. They both told that the companies were tied up and best among other insurance policy companies and serving the policy holders in a better way all over indian with many branches every where and cabn claim easily from every where. They suggested that the premium can be payable by EMI option through the Standard Chartered bank by taking loan from the Standard Chartered Bank. Initially I agreed upon to get the policies without signing any document/agreement but after getting policies papers all are bogus simply cheating the common INDIAN. The Documents does not contain any Health Cared Card like the Cards Limited company’s offering for the Employees. They has given cards called Thyro care cards instead of Health care cards and are useless. After first premium Royal Sundaram Representative Contacted me and told that the Total amount of the Policy for the two years has been increased and to be paid based on the revised amount. I had not agreed with that, later they increased the Rate of charges over the premium. The charges imposed on us was unbearable. I had intimated the same to the Bank Managers. There was not change in the process. I had paid so many premium. In the way so many companies contacted me for so many plans. Some of the companies cheated me in this way. I has complained against this to Axis Bank Managers and Consumer Court forum. Atlast after many months the amount has been refunded but I had paid interest for the money. I had lose my confidence in the online transactions as so many companies cheating the Custmers in this way. Simple they are trapping the public to pay money to the companies any way without any services or simple paper work by engaging call centers. I had visited so many places, web sites and found no branches to the allied companies any where as the representatives tales. I had asked the Standard chartered bank to cancel all my transactions. They had cancelled my account from the bank. There is not account with the bank. Later Royal Sundaram started to call me and harassing me regaularly by calling and emailing. I had asked to cancel the Policy. They are not ready and cancel the policy and indeed they are going to threatening me many times by calling. Later the Standard Chartered bank has started to ask to pay the whole amount by sending SMS and Emails to me after cancelling the account with the bank. So unnecessary I have to pay the premium of health insurances by which I will not get any benefit of health coverage as the banks are not well established and not having so many branches and not rendering class of services compared with the other banks and Health Insurance Comanies. So I request you to help me to get rid off this unwanted premium of health coverage. Hope I will get your assistance. My Contact Number is 919866775696, email Id. :: [email protected] Please respond me so that I can be able overcome the problems with the companies cheating the public with the policies using call centeres and fraudulent information. Platinum Visa Card number is 4622 7354 5001 9519. Valid from 10/11 to 10/16. Name on the card is V KRISHNA RAO. With regards, V.Krishna Rao you sir, Yours faithfully, V. Krishna Rao, Highway Design Engineer, 9866775696 [email protected] Mumbai.

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