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Sony service center, agartala, west tripura - Poor service provided by the agartala sony service centre

I am using Sony DSC HX60V/BCE32 80815010, Sl no 4495552. I have submitted my camera to Sony service centre Agartala, Tripura on 30/12/2016 with the problem facing of flash unit. My job sheet no is J63544608. on the next day a call received from sony service center with the estimated cost of Rs. 4620.00 for replacing of total flash unit. i denied to repair as the cost is too high. while receiving my camera today on 3/1/2017 from service center, i found that sound of the camera is not working. i talked to the service center people about the problem as this problem was not there before submitting the same. then people of service center replied that they may disconnect the sound system cord. and its required time to fix the problem. and also they cut the cord of the flash unit and left it as. Even no proper reply why they have disconnect the cord of sound unit as it was not linked with the repairing of the flash unit. and why they giving me the same without correcting their faults. this is the way their service centers giving services to the customers. Now my humble rewuest to see the matter deeply as early as possible. i am attaching my job sheet for your ready reference.

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