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Sony India - No Battery Backup as per Company Recommended, No Quick Charge and Phone heated more

Last 2 days Iam facing again problem First Your Sony Xperia Z5Premium phone as per company feature quick charge from. 2.0 ( 0 to 60% charge battery in 30minute) but I checked my Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Dual phone charged in 30 minutes only 35 %... & IT'S TRUE.. (I'm studying about this phone online warranty show till March 2017ok and I am purchase 05December2017.) This Phone Mfg in 2015.between mfg to sale period goes 2yrs then what I expected battery life.. About battery life is depends and start life begins on when fill nickel or any kind of liquid object.. So I'm already faced fast battery drain and attempt 3 times to service center but service center can't SOLVED PROPERLY my phone PROBLEM IAM sending some photos & screen recording about your preloaded file commander application crashed in day 5 to 6 times. Phone heating and no battery backup.. Iam using phone from moving 10 am @100% then evening till 8 pm down battery As low as 20%.. In total 10 hours,, I expect from this model which is you advertising 2 days battery life or backup so what I expected.... I'm going through consumer court,,, and this is not joke or u take not seriously that can u see what happens.... Iam alredy attempt 3 times fir dio My phone My Humble Request please replace my phone Note = Iam Not Against Sony Brand only this device only This is last time Contact NasirAhmmad

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