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Softpay - Blackmailer Company

The company don't refund the money of Rs. 6588/- till now. They don't pickup the phone and they are used so many number. I gave the company 10th of August 2017. They gave in my wallet only 1,000/-. I call them but they told me you can get the rest of balance when your Rs. 1000/- is finished then I though that the company may fraud I use their Money transfer option and add my Bank and transfer Rs. 900/- after that I call them but no one pick up the phone. One time they pickup the phone and told me that you may join 25 retailer then you can got your next Rs. 6500/- in your wallet and cut the phone. After that several time I call them but they ignore my phone to pickup. They mail me with threat " Mr. Sanjib you are finished I will go to your home tomorrow with our state Police and also your local Police they arrested you and you are in Jail custody. Several time he threaten me in so many way. Even some people called me with different number and used slang language. Mr. Rohit and Mr. Atul Ahuja called me and asked me that you complain to the complain board. I didn't pick up their phone after some time I call back him and I asked him are you employee of Softpayz he said yes what's your problem after a few minutes they told I am a team of complain Board I want to refund your money. You download a app "BHIM" I do that and he instruct me that I send your money but he nothing can do anything to refund then he asked me if you trust me then you can give your ATM No. Date of Expired and also CVV No. I don't agree but after that I provide all these details to him. I think he is a one of the member Blackmailer Company. When I told him you also the member of Softpayz company he cut the phone and switch off. after that he never open his phone. Sir, I don't know how can I help from you and I given all the documents against you and how long I suffer for the problem it is my humble request please taken the matter seriously and asked them what they are doing like this with so many people. The criminal number is who asked my all details of ATM Card 8789974115 and 9097668475. This is very unfortunate for me that they are doing criminal offence and also chit with the many people but till now they are carry forwarded their business no one stop them I given the main guilty person's picture. Now today I give you their Address. If possible please doing all necessary action against them. I totally trust of you and I hope one day the company ban by the Govt. Please do the needful. Thanks with regards, Sanjib Kumar Dey 9681344346 Address of the Soft Payz Company 1st Floor, Phoenix Tech Tower, Plot No. 14/26, Survey No.1(part), Ranga Reddy District, Telangana, Hyderabad, 500039 Hyderabad

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