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Thank you Snapdeal for unboxing my zindagi I order an IPHONE on the 5th of February Its a prepaid order and according to snapdeal all prepaid orders are upgraded for a Gold Delivery. The last time I ordered a product from Snapdeal it was delayed by 10 days So I had a gut feeling that the same will happen this as well My order is 18260413890 Sub id 22685802273 The status of my order was updated as readied for dispatch on the 05the February at 0943pm. I contacted Snapdeal on the 06th of February by chat and i was asked to call customer service which I did and was talking to the IVR for hours but I couldn't get through to customer service I was asked to an email I got a reply that my order is on time and that it will be delivered in between the 9-12 February Ever have been following up with Snapdeal since the 6th of February I have spoken to them on chat, email, customer service and even social media but they refuse to deliver my order On the 12feb they sent me a message thathas been dispatched by XPRESSBEES_DS_SFC AWB no. 1279164630979 When I try calling the courier company the IVR Tells me that the awb no is incorrect and even website doesn't recognize my awb no I speak to snapdeal daily but keep asking me to wait for 24hrs I told them that I will register a complaint against them in the consumers court there are not scared I feel cheated

1 Feb 12, 2017 02:02 PM Electronics and ...

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Dear Richard menezes, Thanks for sharing your concern with us. Please be assured that we are working on your problem and our representative will get in touch with you regarding this. Regards, Team Snapdeal

Feb 14, 2017 02:39 PM