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user_icon - - fraud on return pickup of the product and refund of money.

I told to Amit Shah ji, that he went to siliguri on dated 25.04.17 and had the launch and tea snacks in the five poor people houses, so now you can understand that sunderban canning town is also the naksalwadi minded people and also in North and south of 24pgs, so in there mind the snatching of product has come then very soon can be also the terrorist minded and if you want to remove the terrorist and destroy it but before that you have to understand how they became the terrorist minded, so if you want to remove from the root of it then you have to banned the website of or to find any other way, In WB the govt is TMC and I told to Amit Shah ji that if you want to seat in the govt and want run the BJP Lahair but the snapdeal is located in your govt location which is in gurugram of Haryana State. In today meeting of Amit Shah Ji there was uncountable people has listen all about you in Bengali media sector and published in air. So what you wanted to show us, as your govt is not taking any action on snapeal so they kept all the document with them and said after 4 days when I will reach to Delhi there I will take the action on snapdeal and this they have announced in the stage only. On the time of the funny email sent by you on that time I was with Amit Shah ji and does not have time to give you answer, are you able to get the ranking for the return product?, and the call center of your representative is also eligible for getting any ranking from us. Pialy R. Pandya / 9051871878

2 Apr 27, 2017 02:12 AM Internet Services

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Dear Pialy Pandya, Our team got in touch with you and informed you that your complaint did not pass our internal checks. Regards, Team Snapdeal

May 03, 2017 06:05 AM

Dear Pialy Pandya, Our team got in touch with you and informed you that refund has been initiated from our end. Regards, Team Snapdeal

May 05, 2017 05:27 AM