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Side effect of snapdeal, reason no 1, diverting the young generation to terrorist minded, reason no 2, As you have Siddarth se lauching BIM app destroying in the rural area of north and south 24pgs, which is very much essainsial on todays date. On dated 24.04.17 the UP CM Adityanath Jogi JI has talk about the BIM App and in that Krishna Bhagwan went to Sudama Ji house on that case he introduce the benefit of BIM App and how much it is powerful. And really it is very much powerful as it does not required the internet and that you have proved that a single common people also can use this app, for that as much thank you to be given is less, and from old fasion candy bar also we can sent money to anybody, and in that it does not get computer and internet and with this app you given justice to all India people and it is very much usable for rural area people and it is very simple and easy to operate as it has lauanguge setting also, i from when you introduce this app from that time I and my husband was using this app and I only taught to my husband and more people of the Kolkata city and everybody like this, I went to sunderban canning town for teaching them BIM app and net banking this I taught them and with much interest they learned also because the BIM App is not required the internet and rural area and sunderban canning town people is very poor knowledge, and on their hand is old candy bar phone and they cannot afford the internet amount but some people of the canning town they use internet but not on rural area, as they are of poor knowledge, as they all are basically maximum farmer, house mate who go to city for house mate work, Labour and Backward Class people are in maximum, you can verify with your candidate of 24pgs south then only you will got the whole information about them, because I born in sunderban canning town, and when I told about the BIM app to them they became very happy and also they use to start using, in that there was not my benefit as I am not a any single party worker or a party member but I am one of the responsible citizen of India for that when I came know your good policy I distribute my knowlage to the needy person, as you are aware that on todays that the shortage of money in all over India and all news channel also published that in Hyderabad the most shortage of money in all ATM is there. , if I go to tell about using it on that time they refuse to use it and revert back to me that they are been in very big loss for using this app so they does not now want to use it and for that snapdeal is responsible but the snapdeal has distoryed your BIM App and the reason of it I am showing you on the below Continuous with the previous letter 1. when the people of sunderban canning town and rural area has started using online payment, online purchase, and they believing this facility to be apply and getting benefit of it also on that time has making fraud and chitting case with the common people and also from one house 2-3 person account has been suspended as they are using the snapdeal because of they give the door delivery service of the product, after taking the product and money, so again they loosing the faith on online payment and also on online purchase, now they are been scare of using any online thing and also not to be listen on it and they does not know how to claim the money back from the online purchase and they did not know to utilize the email regularly nor they can revert back of the email sent by the and they also could not know how to get the status to be taken out from the snapdeal website, for that they uses the mobile and on that call center answer only one thing that your account has been suspended and they have not mention the reason of it again the rural people does not speak the hindi very well nor they can understand also so it was easy to do chitting and fraud by snapdeal. 2. main thing they have made the young generation, collage going students made them criminal minded because to recover their money they does fake account opening after few month and order big amount of purchase but they did not pay and snatch the product from the courier boy and that you can verify from the Ecom Express Pvt. Ltd. As they give the service to the south 24 pgs of WB. And this new has been published in Bengali news channel and they are saying openly that we will do like this with them to recover our money back, and for that as much proof you required I will provide you on your requirement. So now you think that BIM app was so essential for them to use or second thing big thing that they are showing the crime path to the young generation and Haryana state is also not taking any action on it as this state belongs to your BJP party, lastly I want to tell that you are showing the terrorist path to the young generation otherwise they does not take law and order on their hand. For that you are the responsible and as you are not taking any action and they are diverted towards the bad way then the good way and that you also know all people first choice is the easy way which is a bad way more than good way, it proves that they can open the fake account but still they cannot see the status of their account. Who can not the status nicely they are using the fake account for recover their money bank so for that you please do something. Pialy R. Pandya elder sister 9051871878 Snapdeal is making the naksalwadi minded of young generation of sunderban canning town and rural area of south 24pgs and also north 24pgs, help us form naksalwadi minded from them. Sir, Madam Snapdeal online website has done so much chitting case and fraud case from Baraipur to sonarpur to sunderban canning town and also In south Kolkata, and in sunderban canning town maximum people is suffering from the terrorist minded as there money does not get from last 3-8 months and the crime stated from baraipur zone of south 24pgs WB. And in that the suffering people is opening the fake account and order the same amount which snapdeal is not giving them and they are snatching this product after giving the order to them from the courier boy of Ecom Express Pvt. Ltd. And you can verify the same from them and courier boy is sacred to go to canning town, Baraipur to sonarpur and also the whole south 24pgs as they are keeping the product along with the money and does not retuning anything from that and also saying that the account has been suspended and that also form one house 2-3 person account they have suspended and kept the product and money both with them and suppose they are realsing the amount of one product though freecharge app but when customer call them on that time they says that the other product are still in suspend condition, the phone record of the customer and the other document as a proof I can give you and as your sachive Mr. Amit Shah ji is in Kolkata and today only he is going to visit the Bhawanipore and that area is my home place and easly I can submit the all document and recording of the phone call and pickup slip of the product, on pick up courier slip they have not mentioned anything except the courier no and they have not furnished any detail of the return product and all customer has called to the courier partner Ecom Express Pvt. Ltd. And asking for the product detail like size problem or defective but they says nothing detail is with us but you will get all detail on snapdeal website, I have informed you the whole details of there fraud cases to you and to sushma swaraj ji and also to cyber cell you can verify from that letters, The young generation and collage going student which they does not think that they have to do crime and the atmosphere of the house also gone worst to worst and in the young generation they are filling the fearless crime and from this type of activity they are diverting towards the Naksalwadi, and you are aware with the history of WB that the Naksalwadi has started from here only and they will get diverted the people easily, because system is not working there job, and the main thing that rural area people does not know to handle the computer nicely but they can now know how to open the fake account and to do crime with it. they are diverted towards the bad way then the good way and that you also know all people first choice is the easy way which is a bad way more than good way, sir please make them secure from the naksalwadi minded activity. Pialy R. Pandya elder sister 9051871878

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Dear Pialy Pandya, Our team got in touch with you and informed you that your complaint did not pass our internal checks. Regards, Team Snapdeal

May 03, 2017 06:08 AM