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user_icon - Why system is so lazy, from one house 2-3 person account has been suspended and one person refund release then why not for other person,

Sir, I have done journalism from the Calcutta University and on todays date I am doing journalism from the house only, in my previous letter I have shown you the online purchasing survey of 24 pgs, by born I am from sunderban canning town so I have made the survey in the 24pgs south and also I tought them the your BIM app and in my previous letter also I have written many times and your this BIM app is so good in the shortage or financial crisis and in this time your BIM app is working very useful, but for online purchasing website your BIM app is destroyed, because website is doing fraud with the common people and not returning their money and old product also, so they have entered in to the criminal activity by snatching the product by bitting the courier boy of Ecom Express pvt. Ltd. and all these I have informed you in my previous letter, in 24pgs maximum people are farmer and house mate and worker so the thing which I have tought them has been fail, and this happen for purchasing website and mainly website is biggest website, other website has terms and condition they have given the COD and online payment but snapdeal is only website in rural area that gives the COD facility, so I have given you many times that from one house 2-3 person account they are suspending after taking the money and product and also purchased old product, the example of kausik majumder and barnali majumder I kept in front of you I am from that house only, you have finished the matter of barnali majumder but with that we have also mentioned about kausik majumder that his product has been return back to snapdeal on dated 27.03.17 but still we have not received the refund of the same product and todays date is 08.05.17 and still C.S says that your product has not yet passed but my product is for size issue not for defective product, so what they required for passing the product, I have all proof of document and recording with me, yesterday also I have sent you one letter in that they says the different statement and everyday they change there statement for not giving the money, and also I have the CS manager recording also with me and I have sent them email also which I have attached in my yesterday letter. When they have suspended the account of both together from snapdeal team in one email but after fighting for more then a month for barnali majumder refund amount we have received her amount but for kausik majumder refund they are not releasing till date and I have sent the email to your CM of Harayana, Cyber Cell, Sushma Swaraj but now you are also showing that for each person we have to fight one by one and for more than month, this snapdeal has shown us after keeping system beside, but you also are showing the same thing us, and for one house claim how many time I have to write the letter to you and after this I have more many houses whose claim is still pending with the snapdeal, please do the work for us and help us as we are common people and remain us as common people and don’t push us towards the criminal mentality and naksalwadi minded as I wanted them to remain away from this. Product for Kausik Majumder is as below 2305971223 dt.13.03.17 status shown return approved and estimated refund by 04.04.17 vide ticket id 40839525 rs.1098 Kausik Majumder/ 9734582676 Pialy R. Pandya / 9051871878

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